Borrowing 700 Euro

Do you want to borrow 700 euros directly without Gandalf testing? Then a mini-loan is probably the fastest way. The lender assesses your application within 24 hours and then assesses whether you can actually repay the amount. For this direct service, guarantee costs are charged. You must repay the entire amount (loan + deposit) within 30 days. A credit is only granted if there is sufficient income (at least 1000 euros per month net). People with a benefit, agency work or self-employed people are not eligible for this mini-loan.

Cheapest loan

Take out a cheap loan and borrow 700 euros at the lowest cost? Do not take a mini loan but a revolving credit . With this continuous financing you always have some money behind you. You take only what you need at that moment. You loose a little each month. Do you still need money after a while? Then you can reinstate the redeemed credit. Imagine you want a new television. With borrowing 700 euros borrowing is no problem. You log in to your bank account and enter the amount you want to withdraw. Of course there are some conditions. It is important that you do not have a negative Gandalf listing, you are at least 18/21 years old and have a fixed income.

Request credit card

With a credit card you can also borrow 700 euros. The interest you pay for using such a card is higher than with a regular loan. On the other hand, you can also use a credit card to earn points that you can redeem for gifts or discounts. Some credit cards give you a gift upon request. Visa currently gives a tablet from Samsung. Purchases with a credit card are also insured for a certain period (usually 180 days). For example, there is a Tinkerbell Card where you automatically receive points if you pay in the Tinkerbell. Airline companies give you points if you book a cheap ticket with the credit card.