Personal Loan ➤ Request Right Now

The Gandalf Personal Loan is one of several financial services offered by the Gandalf Bank. In addition to the attractive interest rates they offer, it is possible to request it through their website and as promised to the users of the site, in less than three minutes the request is made. A good alternative for those who want to save time.

It is important to be clear when requesting a Gandalf personal loan what will be the destination of it. Whether it is to buy a motorcycle, conduct studies or to finance a wedding, the conditions of the personal loan could be different for each case. It is also important to determine the monthly payment that could be paid and, precisely for this purpose, the Gandalf Bank website facilitates the online personal loan simulator.

How to apply for the Gandalf Banco personal loan?

The request is made within the bank’s website. Through the simulator you can know the monthly fee to pay according to the purpose of your personal loan. Depending on the number of owners, the amount required, your monthly income and expenses, you will know what is the value to be paid each month within the different types of payment.

Interest rates

Banco Gandalf offers interest rates based on various criteria. Initially we have 6.95% fixed TIN (APR from 7.85% to 9.66%) for clients with direct payroll or pension and for those who are not clients of Banco Gandalf, the interest rate is 7.95% Fixed TIN (APR) from 8.94% to 10.76%).