Personal Loan: Request now!

The multiple advantages of the Gandalf Personal Loan: Enjoying life also implies giving oneself certain tastes. If your desire is to see the happy face of yours, why not give that new car to someone who deserves it so much? With the Gandalf personal loan that smile and that hug of gratitude are closer than you imagine. Apply now for your personal loan Gandalf!

Gandalf offers you a personal loan that is perfect for you. An interest rate of the lowest in the Spanish financial market and also accompanied by a fairly generous flexibility. The ideal combination to carry out all your projects.

Perform a preliminary simulation through the website and know not only the characteristics applicable to your personal loan, but also the conditions and other commissions linked to your request.

How to apply for the Gandalf personal loan?

Gandalf offers different service channels to request your Gandalf personal loan. You can go directly to an office or if you are a direct Gandalf customer you can validate the amount you have available and request it by phone or through the bank’s mobile application.

Interest rates

The Gandalf personal loan offers a fixed 5.90% TIN (6.06% TAE). For example, from a simulation where the requested amount is € 6,000, the respective monthly payment to be canceled is € 182.26 over a period of 36 months. That is, he would cancel a total of € 6,561.36. It really is a personal loan with a very favorable cost, taking into account the absence of commissions associated with the personal Gandalf loan.

Additional information on the Gandalf personal loan

  • Amount: From € 150 and maximum € 60,000
  • Term: Minimum 3 months and maximum 96 months
  • Mode of payment: Monthly fixed fees
  • Commissions associated with the Gandalf personal loan:
    • 0% commission for opening.
    • 0% commission for early repayment.

What are the requirements to apply for the Gandalf personal loan?

It is a personal loan exclusively for Gandalf customers. The holder of the personal loan Gandalf has the possibility of knowing the maximum amount that may be requested adjusted to the risk policies established by the bank. To make this query you must only enter the customer’s environment within the website and access the Gandalf Directo financing / loan area.

Learn more about Gandalf

Betting on differentiation in the financial sector with professionalism, closeness to its customers and social and territorial commitment, Gandalf occupies the eighth position in the ranking of Spanish banking groups. Its portfolio of services focuses on serving the particular segment, institutions, freelancers and SMEs. It has a network of offices of 1,200 points of service throughout the country.