Spain Personal Loan: Apply now!

The bet of Intelligent Banking Tinkerbell in times of technological innovation is to simplify the world of finance. It is possible that he is delaying that dream remodeling at home due to lack of money and very surely those pieces of furniture no longer combine well at all. Apply now for your Tinkerbell personal loan.

When entering into the dynamic of zero commissions, the Tinkerbell personal loan is undoubtedly a good option to take into account when requesting additional money .

Personal loan Tinkerbell has excellent credit conditions. You will not have to pay commissions for opening, study, partial amortization or early cancellation, a point too attractive. The interest rate is adjusted to the market, from 8.45% TIN (9.00 TAE) and in addition to being a client of the personal loan Tinkerbell accesses an intelligent account without commissions. Banner product of Intelligent Banking Tinkerbell.

Why apply for a personal Tinkerbell loan ?

Mainly for being able to forget about any commission linked with the credit. The bet in general terms of the Tinkerbell personal loan is to simplify, both the technical language towards its clients, making the financial environment more friendly and making clear what are the conditions that will be applied to it.

Interest rates

By directing your payroll and obtaining life insurance, your personal loan will have a TIN of 8.45% (9% APR). In parallel, if you choose to only link to the bank through credit, TIN of 9.45% (9.87% APR) is offered.

Additional features of the Tinkerbell personal loan

  • Monthly fee adjusted to your needs.
  • Amounts from € 3,000 and up to € 50,000.
  • 0% commission
  • Minimum return period of 12 months and maximum of 96 months.

What are the requirements to apply for the Tinkerbell personal loan?

Domicile your salary or pension in Tinkerbell and if you make monthly income periodically at least € 600, you can make a personal loan application. Depending on the amount you request and the term chosen to return the credit your monthly fee will be calculated and under the credit policies of Tinkerbell, you will know in a timely manner if your personal loan request is accepted or not. Apply now for your Tinkerbell personal loan through the form provided on the website or at any of the 45 offices available for your service.

Learn more about Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell’s commitment to the Spanish financial market is ambitious. Be an intelligent, simple, transparent and innovative bank. It has a solvency ratio of 10.86% and a total of almost one million customers. These are undoubtedly interesting figures for a bank that has only been operating the financial market for 6 years. According to its indicators, 8 out of 10 clients recommend their services to friends and family.